Lynn Valley Village

The District of North Vancouver (DNV) engaged SHD to design a system of banners to be installed on exterior architectural features of Lynn Valley's Public Library and town centre complex. Through town hall engagement together with District staff, community members and merchants we identified the graphic component reflect the area’s pioneering industrial heritage and contemporary outdoor mountain recreation culture. SHD worked with engineers and fabricators to manufacture custom hardware required to maintain sensitivity to the architectural vision of the complex and facilitate the banner’s permanent installation. We worked with District staff and community to identify final scale and placement of over 40 banners, and provide oversight of final fabrication and the banners installation to the site’s large Douglas fir pillar features. SHD was then retained for several months to build brand and design promotional public awareness materials to support the new Village. Digital and print advertising, and a weekly social media campaign was employed to invite the community into the Village life to shop and to support the new LV Village community.

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